Meeting between client and designer to determine the scope of the project, the budget parameters and the general timeline. This consultation also includes a preliminary design charrette (concept sketches and ideation).There is a fee for the initial consultation that will be put toward the merchandise balance if you choose to complete the project with Janani interiors.

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Addresses your needs and desires for the project set forth during the initial consultation. Some of the designer's responsibilities may include space planning, color palette suggestions, lighting and plumbing suggestions, as well as fabric, furniture and finish suggestions.

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Client Approval

Once you make your final selections and give approval, contractors (hired by you) begin working onsite and all orders are placed. During this stage you are required to put a 50% deposit down on all goods and the designer is billed.

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All work is completed and upon receipt of the remaining balance for all goods, the designer will schedule one day (or more depending on the size of the project) to oversee the installation of the furniture, fixtures and accessor.

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Janani Interiors Services

Janani Interiors is committed to provide good interiors, products and services to meet and exceed customer expectations through well defined designed architecture for continual improvement. The customer expectations include both the customer stated, implied requirements and cost limit.

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Janani Interiors cabinets must be cleaned only with cleaners and polishes designed for wood cabinet. Ensure that the there is no moisture left on the surface. Maintain the cabinets and countertop surfaces dry by clearing the spills right when they occur.



Janani Interiors products are safe from health & environment perspective. Our product developers, merchandisers & technicians take into account safety, quality & environmental impact at every stage of the product development & introduction at all stores. Rigorous quality checks ensure that the products delivered to our customers are of highest standard. We offer warranty on our products against all defects of designs, manufacturing or materials used in the context of normal usage.



We guarantee to repair or replace any product with a manufacturing or material defect, for a period of at least one year from date of purchase. This is provided that the defect is not a result of normal wear and tear, or a natural characteristic of the material used. The warranty does not cover products used for commercial purposes.Your furniture must be cared for in accordance with the care instructions supplied. Please ensure that you keep your receipt in order to validate your warranty.